You've probably seen the pictures on Facebook by now. A sea of women (and one proud guy) dressed to the nines in pink jackets and feather boas. The team, or as we call them, 'Warriors in Pink', danced and chanted for the crowds gathered for the Grand Rapids Santa Claus Parade last Saturday. The onlookers loved it, saying it was their *favorite* part of the parade, next to Mr. Claus himself. Our dancers fed off their support and their energy and gave it their all.


It's November now and all the hype around October and it being breast cancer awareness month has dissipated. The Pink cart team was super busy all month with contests and give aways and blogging and general traffic on the Facebook page and our website. Now it's quiet and it feels like everyone has packed up and gone home. The traffic on our Facebook page has dramatically dropped off and while that is just fine, it tells us something.


This weekend we celebrated my Father's 90th birthday. He is a good man who is still extremely active and independent -  at 90 he lives alone, works, plays golf, travels and dates women younger than me (which will have to be the subject of a later blog :)) There was a 13 year age difference between my Mom and Dad and so when Mom died so young from breast cancer it really rocked him to his very core. He never expected to get left. You know that feeling...being left behind. It's debilitating.