In August 2010 I went in for my annual mammogram. I was not worried, as no one in my family had a history of breast cancer. I was right not to be concerned. My mammogram was clear. One day in early February 2011 while in the shower, I noticed that my breast began to cave inward. I knew this was not a good sign.


If you know Dana Nowland, you know she is a fighter. The past three months have been particularly rough, and life has thrown a couple of pretty hard punches at her and her family. The first being the unexpected loss of her father, Rich Nowland, on June 17th. It was that week she had scheduled an appointment to have a painful and suspicious change in her left breast checked out. Convinced it was a clogged duct; trying to cope with the loss of her father, and assist the family with arrangements for his memorial she nearly cancelled the appointment that afternoon.


My journey with breast cancer began in utero. My maternal grandmother had her breast cancer at age 67, my Mom had her cancer at age 52, and I had my cancer at 38. Being a Third Generation Survivor has given me a unique opportunity to pay it forward. I advocate for others going through their cancer journey. I volunteer in the community to provide education, awareness, and raise monies for The CURE. I know that together we will eradicate cancer in our lifetime! Grateful for those of us that have survived; pray for Warriors and Remember the souls we have lost to this insidious disease.


Tina's Story - Live Life & Show Up

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My name is Tina Marie Vucci and I'm 44 years old. I found a lump the size of a pea in my left breast and it grew for 2 years. It was then the size of a golf ball and I had 3 the same size in my lymph nodes. It was 3rd stage breast cancer at 33 years old.